wedding design direction

Meghan Irene believes that there are five key components to designing an honest wedding. Upon purchase you will receive access to a video that explains these five elements in detail. This will be a primer for the rest of our time together.

The design





In our first intensive one-on-one we will apply the five components covered in the video to your own story. This time will be devoted to dreaming big, and thinking deeply about what matters to you most. My goal is to get to know you and your vision for your wedding. 

Personal Design Portfolio

Following our session together, I will design a mood board that fully captures the feelings, emotions, and words we've discussed for your design. This will be a valuable resource for you to refer back to during your planning process that will help you and your vendors stay focused in creating a very personal wedding that defines you and your spouse.

You will also receive a list of detailed suggestions for every element of your wedding. This means every design decision will be addressed, and all you have to do now is send it to your vendors. I will cover everything from your personal appearance down to what flatware would work best for your table setting.

Because I believe in hiring vendors who are also artists, I want the suggestions for their craft to be left somewhat open so they have the freedom to design with true creativity. The mood board and suggestions will help them understand your vision, and will provide a starting point for their designs.  Allowing for this space cultivates the most unique and highest quality product. If there's an aspect of your wedding that you would like to do yourself, we can cover that in as much detail as you des

In our final one-on-one, I will teach you how to read your mood board, and how to explain it to your vendors. We will review all design decisions together, and you will have a chance to ask any questions. At this point, you will have everything you need to start coordinating the tangible aspects of the wedding. The conceptualizing will be done!



Wedding Design direction


Wedding Design + Day-of Styling
$1395+ travel

With this second package you will receive everything listed above, plus I will be present the day-of the wedding to ensure that every detail is in place. I will be there to assist the photographer in styling the detail shots to make sure the memories of your wedding also capture the feelings and emotions we've established together. My goal the day-of is to create an atmosphere for you and your guests to experience the joy of marriage that engages all of the senses.