"I loved my time with Meghan. She brought to my attention ideas and thoughts I would not have thought of otherwise. Especially, what a home means and what I want my home to say. Never before, have I thought in the direction she took me. Her approach was perfect, and I loved her use of words to describe the feeling I want to create in my home."

-Susan B.

"Working with Meghan required me to really think about the environment I wanted to create and surround myself with. I have learned that just because I see a picture or table that I initially like doesn't mean it fits in to the overall story of my home. By using the concepts and mood board in my design portfolio, I'm able to decide quickly if a color works or doesn't, or if I need to add more textures into a room or not. My short time with Meghan has given me the ability to decorate with confidence, not just one room, but my whole house."

-Brittany K.

"The thought of planning my wedding was exciting in some ways, but still seemed overall pretty daunting . I knew I wanted a deeply meaningful ceremony that reflected both my husband-to-be and me, but I wasn't sure how that depth could be communicated through the design. Sitting down with Meghan allowed me to really visualize all of the details. I came to understand how those details have the ability to play into one another, and whether I like it or not they're all saying something. Meghan's process guided me in deciding what I wanted that something to be, and also gave me the ability to communicate those feelings to my vendors in a way that allowed them to understand the overall vision as well. My wedding was absolutely beautiful! It conveyed a feeling of simple authenticity which speaks to who we are as a couple."

-Meghan R.

"Being a first time home owner meant I was also a first time home decorator. I was so overwhelmed by all of the possibilities (and with hgtv there are so many)! Sitting down with Meghan helped me realize how I wanted my home to feel not just what I wanted it to look like. The process was in-depth but not crazy. She just asked me questions about me, what I liked, how things made me feel, and with that she was able to help bring together exactly what I wanted my home to look and feel like. Having my mood board gives me a source to go back to as I keep updating and changing the little things to make my house feel more and more like a home."

-Kristy K.