Your Home Decor has the power to affect your mood.

How do you feel when you walk in your door?
How do you want to feel? 

Meghan Irene will assist you in casting a vision for your design project, that you can then implement.

Maybe you feel daunted by the task of decorating your home on your own, and yet you also feel that hiring a full-service interior designer is not a good fit. The M|I process provides a third option. 

This design session includes:

M|I's Interior Insight Primer
This primer will set the tone for our initial consultation and help you think about your space's design in a new light. This is M|I's signature thought process to walk you through visualizing what's most important to you.

First Consultation Session
We will meet via Skype to discuss your specific project and review your personal style.

 Personal Design Portfolio
-Your notes from our first session so you can easily refer back
-A personalized mood board to keep your focus clear
-List of concrete suggestions for your project such as paint colors, textiles, and furniture layout

Follow-Up Consultation Session
This consultation is to make sure you're satisfied and ready to move forward on your own, and to answer any final questions you might have.

We give you the skills to put you in control of designing your home. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed or aimless.

"We should seek two things of our buildings. We want them to shelter us. 
And we want them to speak to us -- to speak to us of whatever we find important and need to be reminded of."
-Architect, John Ruskin
quoted by Alain de Botton in Architecture of Happiness

photos by Emilie Szabo