Beauty often surprises and overwhelms me when I least expect it. It sneaks up in the form of a mother duck with waddling ducklings seeking safety behind. Or it stops me mid-sentence with barely budding leaves on a naked branch that promise the end of winter.  I find everlasting protection and great hope in these small details, and it's my pleasure to bring like-minded promises into your own space. 

As a designer, it is my hope to make even a small part of your life more beautiful, pleasant, more meaningful to you.

I specialize in designing homes, but I enjoy working on a wide range of projects. I have designed environments for offices, coffee shops, and even weddings. I take great delight in thinking about how our spaces can resonate with us and with others.

Interior styling allows me to teach others the power of colors to make us feel jubilant or calm, and the ability of textures to create interest or soothe nerves. It is my pleasure to work with individuals as they learn what they most want their homes to say to them, and about them. Learn more about my past clients' experiences here.

I believe good Design has the power to rebalance and restore us.

"In the elder days of Art,
  Builders wrought with greatest care
Each minute and unseen part;
  For the Gods see everywhere. "
-The Builders, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow